Top 5 Carpet Companies in the USA

When it’s time to replace the carpeting in your home or office, you want to choose a company you can trust for quality and service. The carpet itself also needs to be attractive, durable, and a good value. The following are five of the best and most reputable carpet manufacturers and retailers operating across the United States today.

  1. Mohawk Industries

Mohawk is the largest flooring manufacturer in the world, with operations throughout the United States. They offer an incredibly wide range of carpet options to fit any budget or decor, from basic polyester carpets perfect for rentals to lush, super soft, high-end nylon carpets made from exclusive and patented fibers.

Mohawk has been innovating carpet technology for over 130 years. Features like spill, soil, and pet resistance are easier than ever to find. Textured patterns that hide tracked-in dirt and footprints are more sophisticated as well. Even sustainability has improved, with collections made from recycled plastic bottles.

Since Mohawk handles production all the way from design to distribution, it’s able to control quality and pass significant savings to the consumer. The manufacturer recommends and warrants professional installation for all its carpets, an indicator of its confidence in performance.

  1. Shaw Industries

Like Mohawk, Shaw pioneered many carpet innovations over its 70+ year history, including stain guard treatments and one of the earliest soft, saxony-style nylons in the 1960s. They manufacture their own fibers with warranted stain, soil and pet-resistant treatments standard in their most popular collections.

Trend-setting styles and unique designs are a strength for Shaw. Their in-house designers translate global aesthetics into carpets featuring textures ranging from cut-pile shags to colorful stamped patterns resembling fine wool rugs from around the world. Shaw gives retailers and consumers alike robust tools to visualize their carpets in rooms via online flooring galleries and augmented reality apps.

Headquartered in Georgia, Shaw keeps overhead costs low by handling manufacturing and distribution across central and southern states. Quality installation is part of their brand promise, backed by warranties on carpet performance and workmanship.

  1. Engineered Floors

Founder Bob Shaw started Engineered Floors after leaving Shaw Industries. The new company specializes in multi-level polymer extrusion of high-density polyethylene and polyester fibers that replicate qualities of more expensive nylon at a lower cost while offering superb performance.

Using advanced manufacturing processes and industry veterans on their production staff, Engineered Floors transformed polyester from a basic, budget fiber into a material that now dominates the residential market with carpet collections from leading fiber producers and retailers.

Features such as dense, multi-layered constructions, stain protection formulated into the dyeing process, and warrantied pet-proof textures make Engineered Floors an ideal choice for high-traffic areas exposed to spills, soils and pets. With excellent pricing and a retail presence through leading home improvement chains, these innovative carpets bring exceptional quality flooring within reach of most homeowners.

  1. The Dixie Group

Over 90% of Dixie’s carpets stay right here in America, manufactured responsibly with attention to environmental impact and fair labor practices. They offer styles spanning all tastes and price ranges, from affordably priced residential broadloom to customized rug programs for hospitality and commercial spaces.

Masland Contract and Fabrica are two of Dixie’s most recognized high-end carpet brands. Both offer exquisite textures and patterns fit for luxury interiors. Exceptionally soft, resilient nylon and wool-blend constructions come with performance warranties against wear, stains and fading. The attention to detail includes possible customization of colors and dimensions for a perfect fit.

All Dixie’s carpets meet strict standards for indoor air quality and sustainability. Many contain recycled content. The company publicly reports progress on reducing energy consumption, water usage and waste output.

  1. Phenix Flooring

A relative newcomer founded in 2009, Phenix differentiates itself through sustainable manufacturing technologies that convert scrap carpet materials into new flooring with no loss of quality. Their flagship product, ForeverFloor residential carpet, contains up to 70% recycled content.

Phenix claims its solution-dyed nylons use less than 10% of the water needed for conventionally dyed carpets while generating zero wastewater pollution. Renewables like solar and wind power up to 90% of production lines. Scraps get recycled right back into new carpets in a closed-loop system that approaches true circularity.

In under a decade, Phenix expanded nationwide into major retail outlets and commercial channels, saving over one billion plastic bottles from landfills. In fact, ForeverFloor ranks among the world’s most environmentally friendly flooring while maintaining durable performance warranties for stain, fade and pet resistance.

The Right Carpet for You

With outstanding options from these five industry leaders above, you’ll want to do some homework understanding fiber types, construction methods, warranties and independent quality testing before visiting retail showrooms. Shop with confidence knowing any of these manufacturers stand behind their carpets with strong performance guarantees verified by established consumer testing agencies like the Carpet & Rug Institute. Professional installation is also key to ensuring your carpet investment lasts for years to come.